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The Ontario Budget: Review & Analysis

Today Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa stood in the Legislature and proudly announced that the government is on track to eliminate the deficit by their target of 2017/18. With recent disclosure that the proposed cap-and-trade legislation will add 4.3ยข on gas and $5.00 a month on natural gas. What does…

What would a startup centric Ontario budget look like?

Well, if I’m asked what a dream startup centric budget would look like then quite simply very interesting and forward-thinking. What does that mean – to be frank those are some pretty broad statements. Let’s break it down into smaller sections by which we can evaluate what a dream budget…

Startups and the Social Good

While many in the startup entrepreneurial sector are often regarded as capitalistic and money hungry, I would say that the vast majority of people that I have come across in this very quickly emerging sector have seen a problem in their community, environment, country and so on, and sought to…

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